“will leave you dizzy!”

A modern day Casanova with a Herculean work ethic - he consumes women and businesses on an industrial scale leaving the reader dizzy.

This human dynamo is at once a warm and loving father and a shrewd businessman with an unerring ability to spot an opportunity in the market be it frozen chips or planes and tanks.

An exhilarating and electrifying roller-coaster of a well-lived life - he has been at the heart of some of the most interesting political events of the early 21st century and mixing with a consortium of characters known by most.

A truly remarkable achievement…. from a Colonial boy arriving in London at the age of 21 to the heights of fast-moving international deals, trade negotiations, wheeler-dealing and chartering of aircraft, all of which has triggered his lifelong interest in aviation …. he deals with all of this as a magician might pull a rabbit out of a hat … there is nothing he cannot do and nothing he cannot organise …

Janine Mumford

incredibly detailed and historically significant

There had always been “whispers” amongst the family regarding Uncle Bill. We only heard smidges of information…. that he had to leave Kenya in a hurry, he had been shot, engaged in business in Iraq, was dealing with the Russians, the three wives… he was always the larger than life character we knew very little about. All these years later, my curiosity is satisfied, and I could not have imagined for one minute just how intriguing, complicated and fascinating his life has been. This account of his business and personal life is incredibly detailed and historically significant, and I was left astounded as to how one man could have experienced all that he has in one life time. It is a story that is fascinating and complex, with it’s share of danger and heartbreak and adventure. We always knew he led an extraordinary life and this compelling book beautifully captures and unravels his story in a way that is part biography and part history book.

Chania Allen (Bill's Niece)

“What a life!”

I think the author does himself no service when, in the preface, he suggests that his life has been a mixture of luck, and being in the right place at the right time.     In my humble opinion - even if Mr Pellew-Harvey (or Mr Bill as he was affectionately called) had been dumped in the middle of the ocean, he would've seen some sort of business opportunity and made a great success from it!    I think he is lucky, in the respect, that he was born with a great sense of adventure and the 'drive' to actually tackle a problem instead of perhaps taking the easy route and leaving it to someone else - but the majority of people who, even if they had been in the 'right place at the right time' wouldn't have realised it.   The Author is the living proof of the saying "If life throws you Lemons - make Lemonade"

What a life! ... I look forward to Book 2!

Sue T

“a fascinating story”

What a fascinating story! Worldwide trading of everything from weapons to frozen chips with stints as an intelligence agent and UN Inspector thrown in. Told with great candour and honesty the book takes the reader to meet heads of state, some decidedly shady individuals and to places that I only ever heard of on the news.

Kevin Wilkinson, The Ancestry Hunter

“Inspirational and colourful”

A compelling diary of a master businessman, weaving his artistry in and around some major political and historical events throughout the world.

Being there at the right time and the right place Bill was the man that could make the impossible happen. Life doesn’t happen to Bill, Bill happens to life.

Brave and fearless, Bill takes the rises and falls of his helter-skelter business life in his stride amidst an instinctive perception and understanding of human natures without censure.

An inspirational and colourful bibliography. Brave is the byword.

Judy Boylan

“honest, brave, amazingly varied”

I found Bill’s story absolutely enthralling – it was honest, brave, amazingly varied and I found myself wondering what was coming next! It only took me two sittings to read the entire thing, and I was genuinely disappointed to reach the end, as I wanted to find out what he’d move on to do next.

Ben Wilkinson

“Moves at a relentless pace”

An astonishing story of highs and lows. From a wild colonial boy in the 50s pre independent Kenya,to fame , fortune and fast cars in London and Monaco. From Gadaffi’s Líbya to Italy,to the war torn years of Iran and Iraq and then on to the Far East, this book moves at a relentless pace.

Tassie Ritchie

“A page turner”

The young boy leads the reader in with the promise of adventure. There is already an air of maturity about him.
As a young adult he starts to become the master of his own destiny. He learns his craft whilst he grows into manhood. Circumstances and changes to his career tell the story. The paths he will follow. A man determined to succeed in business and accumulate wealth to fund the lifestyle he so desires. No matter the cost, to himself or loved ones.
If he falls down, he bounces straight back up with another commodity to deal in. The man is like a cat with 9 lives. Transversing from one life to the next. The vision the same but different in many ways.
The author should feel proud of himself; all he has accomplished. His courage and determination throughout the years. He's loved and lost chasing his dream!

The book is well written and informative. Taking in the complexities, social history and intrigue surrounding the times. Where he also played his part.

This reader feels by the end of the book the author has given a rare glimpse of his soul laid bare. Shining a light in corners where darkness once lurked; relinquishing his secrets. Speaking for himself, to put the "record straight"

A page turner.

Rose Johnson

The Trader

Bill Pellew-Harvey

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The Trader Book by Bill Pellet-Harvey